Hello and Welcome!

I am a mixed medium artist with a Fine Art focus whether I am working with more traditional methods or more modern digital ones.

I have always expressed myself artistically from the time I could hold a pencil. Through the years I have always found a way to express my inner Artist whether through expressing myself as a Chef or a more traditional pencil, paint or chalk creations.

In 2017 my life changed. I lost my father rather suddenly in July. His greatest gift to me was that he made sure his family had a chance to know God. At same time it was the day in and day our warmth and love he showed me taught me so much. That same year in August my middle son Jordan was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and we learned he would need a bone marrow transplant.

Life can turn on a dime and God has a funny way of taking things and using them for His good.

I had always resisted digital media but not only did I need a way to express myself through art during this trying time but I needed to have my canvas with me wherever I went. To be able to pull it out quickly and put it away just as quickly. Something that could let me drift off into the peaceful abyss of my inner creative space as I spent countless hours in hospitals for transfusions, or inpatient visits or the month we spent in the hospital for his transplant. Enter the iPad and digital art. I still love pencils, pens, brushes and the feel of canvas but the work He has helped me create in the digital medium is most of what you will see here.

My son is doing wonderful and God has now opened so many possibilities for me with my art. I emerged a new artist. With so much more to say and a stronger drive to say it.